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Safety Tips
Canton Public Safety provides the following crime prevention and safety tips:

At Home

Burglary/Home Security (file size 103k)

Consumer product safety recalls from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Domestic violence information from the Michigan State Police

How secure is your home?  (file size 215k)

We Nail Thieves a PowerPoint presentation for construction theft seminar (file size 5.99MB)

Home Burglary a PowerPoint presentation on home burglary (file size 23MB)

Away from Home

Armed Robbery (file size 82k)

Construction Site Theft Prevention (file size 81k)

Guidelines for Recreational Fires, Use of Outdoor Fireplaces and Manufactured Fire Pits(file size 216k)

Ice Safety - Outdoor Recreational 

Jogger's Tips (file size 61k)

Shopping Safety (file size 61k)

Traffic Enforcement (file size 100k)

Traffic Enforcement on Private Property (file size 607k)

Vacation Tips (file size 69k)

Travel Safely with tips from FirstGov

Be Prepared

Safety Info, documents and handouts from Canton's Emergency Management Division 

Children & Teens

Child safety information from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Teen Dating (file size 71k)

School bus safety rules from the National Safety Council

FBI for Kids: K-5th grade

FBI for Kids: 6th-12th grade

FEMA for Kids: what to do in an emergency

 Internet Safety for Parents and Children (file size 67KB)

 Safety Tips for Children (file size 1MB)


Fire Safety During the Holiday Season (file size 173k)

Holiday Safety (file size 63k)

Selecting a Christmas Tree (file size 48k)

Winter Safety Tips (file size 398k)

Identity Theft

Identity Theft and Fraud (file size 91k)

Identity theft reporting instructions from the FTC

Online & Internet

Internet Safety Web sites:

Identity Theft Victim's Packet (file size 252kb)

Internet Fraud (file size 69k)

Internet Safety for Kids (file size 67k)

Keeping Kids Safer on the Internet from the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children (file size 7.76 MB)

Online Lingo what every parent should know (file size 58 KB)

Internet safety information from the Michigan State Police


Substance Abuse Prevention Guide for Parents (file size 400kb) 

Educated Health & Lifestyle Choices from helpguide.org

Mental Health Issues and Substance Abuse for all ages from Hegira Programs, Inc.

Parenting Matters from MVParents

Prevent Bullying & Child Abuse from kidscape

Prevent Child Abuse

Preventing Child Abuse & Neglect from childwelfare.gov

Girls and Boys Town

Prevention Services Information from Child's Hope

Resources for Parents & Guardians from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Child Abduction Prevention Tips (file size 420KB)

Sun & Water Safety Tips presented by Leisure Services (file size 438 KB)


Personal Safety (file size 77k)

Sexual Assault Prevention (file size 68k)

Stopped by a Police Officer? - What to Do (file size 69k)


Cell Phone Safety (file size 63k)

Charities & Phone Solicitation(file size 689k)

Telemarketing Fraud (file size 64k)

Telephone scam protection tips from the FTC


2004 Survey of State Adult Protective Services on Abuse of Adults 60 Years of Age and Older (file size 227K)  

Elder Abuse Presentation Senior's Safe & Sound (file size 274k)

Senior Safety Tips Presentation (file size 839 KB)

Senior Traffic Safety Tips (file size 178 MB)

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