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Types of Crimes on Maps

CrimeMapping.com is a web-based crime map providing daily updates of serious crimes in Canton, with options to search and receive information.  Common questions you may have regarding crime mapping are addressed below:

What type of crimes will be shown on crime maps?

  • Home Invasions: Breaking and entering of "occupied" residential properties. Residents do not have to be home at the time the crime is committed; occupied refers to the structure being not vacant.

  • Breaking & Entering: Breaking and entering of commercial properties, unoccupied residences, homes under construction, and other structures.

  • Larceny: The unlawful taking of another's property. Larceny from auto (items inside your car), larceny from building (sheds, detached garage, storage lockers), larceny from person (pick pocket, purse snatching).

  • MDOP: Malicious destruction of property. Real or personal property (automobiles, homes, lawns, mailboxes, etc.)

  • Stolen vehicles: Actual theft of an automobile.

  • Robbery: Unlawful taking of another’s property with force and/or use of a weapon.

  • RAPE: Self explanatory. You will only see this if the perpetrator is unknown to the victim and we have reason to believe this perpetrator is a threat to the general public.

What will not be shown on crime maps?

1. Names and/or other sources used to identify victims.

2. Addresses of said crimes / unless deemed necessary.

3. Specific suspect information / unless deemed necessary.

4. Crimes where there are known perpetrators and no immediate threat to the general public.