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Community Policing

What is Community Policing?

The concept of community policing goes back to a time when officers walked a neighborhood beat and knew business owners and residents personally.  Canton Police Department has been utilizing the Community Policing concept since 1993, offering that same advantage to its residents and business owners.

Canton assign each of its patrol and command officers to a Community Policing area.  The permanent assignements allow officers to build relationships with residents and business owners, as well as develop extensive knowledge about the make up of the area including its unique problems.  Department officials believe Canton's drop in crime over the past several years is directly tied to the success of Community Policing.

Canton is divided into four community policing teams/areas.  Each community policing team is empowered to identify potential problems and resolve them before they become significant. Community policing also allows teams to tailor their activities to meet the unique needs of residents and businesses.

The department encourages all Canton residents to become familiar with their Community Policing officers.  To learn more, please contact Canton Police Department at 734-394-5400.

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