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H1N1 Information

General information on H1N1: 

H1N1 Flu Fact Sheet (798kb)
3 Steps to fight the flu (718kb)
What to do if you get sick (461 kb) 
Flu planning/prevention checklist for individuals & families (668kb)
Vaccination information - Inactive version (36kb)
Vaccination information - Live version (37 kb)

Business and community information on H1N1 prevention

Business prevention checklist (284kb)
Child care & preschool prevention checklist (155kb)
Faith-based & community organization prevention checklist (69kb)
Faith-based & community organization H1N1 planning guide (7mb)
School District K-12 prevention checklist (124kb)

Pandemic flu communication tool kit for businesses (2mb)
CDC guidance for businesses & employers (62kb)
Flu vaccination - poster (774kb)
Flu prevention in the workplace - poster (132kb)
H1N1 FAQ's for Public Heath Partners (74kb)

Informative Links

Flu.gov - managed by US Dept of Health & Human Services

Flu.gov/evaluation - Online self-evaluation

Wayne County Department of Health & Human Services 

U.S. Center for Disease Control 


The above information is being provided as reference material by Canton's Emergency Management Unit.  Information is updated as it becomes available to us.  For breaking news/information visit flu.gov (listed above).

Wayne County Department of Health and Human Services has established a hotline to answer questions related to H1N1.  To reach the hotline, call 734-727-7163.

For additional information contact Emergency Management Planner, Kathy Rich, at 734-394-5357.

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