What is Canton's allocation of local property taxes?
In December 2005, Canton levied 2.366 charter mills, 2.158 fire protection special assessment mills and 4.126 police protection special assessment mills, for a total of 8.650 mills on all real property. This amount represents approximately 26.3% of the taxes on real property. 1 mill equals 1/10 of a cent.

Other taxing units are Wayne County 6.638 mills, Wayne County Jails .9381 mills, Wayne County Parks .2459 mills, Huron Clinton Metro Parks Authority .2146 mills, Wayne County RESA Intermediate School District 3.4643 mills, Schoolcraft Community College 1.7967 mills, State Education Tax 6.00 mills, Plymouth Canton Community Schools debt 3.43 mills and Canton Public Library 1.5554 mills.

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